Earth Student House

Am I allowed to have two persons stay in the room?

Two persons can take up residence in our studios permanently as the studios meet all the legal requirements. The normal rooms however, can only hold 1 person. Of course you can let a friend stay over once in a while. As long as this doesn’t get a more permanent character this should not be a problem.

Can I see the room first?

Of course! Just give us a call and we will make an appointment.

Can we rent with a whole group?

Definitely!  If you wish to rent several rooms, it’s best you contact us directly by e-mail or phone so we can immediately check which rooms we have available and whether we can meet the group’s requirements.

Does ALL IN mean I do not have to think about my usage?

Well, yes and no. Using more electricity, water and heating will not cost you anything extra, but the impact as to the environment will remain the same however!

What if I loose my key?

You will get a magnetic card for the main entrance door. When you loose this one, we will deactivate that card and give you a new one. Regretfully we do have to deduct 20 euro from your bond for that.

As to the key of your room, this is a conventional key. If you loose this key, you will just get a new one and we will only deduct 10 euro from your bond.

What happens if I damaged something in my room or in the communal areas?

No problem, it happens. Most importantly is that you report the damage, so we can repair everything in time and if necessary make some adjustments to avoid  the same thing happening again.

Can I download all I want?

You can, but don’t forget about your neighbours. When you are busy downloading from all over the internet they  may be not  amused.

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